Our founder

Sara Lynn Specht, DVM
The first one to show up in any crisis, Sara dives in for anything from surgery, acupuncture, to field emergency treatments.

mission & vision

No animal shall be forgotten. We will devote the time, funds and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

Michael O'Connor, MS, DVM
More than 30 years of skill and love for all things animal, specializing in modern dentistry.


Nathan Keefer, MS, DVM
Preventative medicine is a forté, as is are emergency cases in horses, cattle, small ruminants, camelids and even occasionally swine .

ongoing programs

Along with direct rescue, LHSHR promotes the humane and respectful treatment of animals . Please call us with care and training questions.



I wear many hats, and it's all to help animals any way I can. This hat has special memories for me, since I was given it as a donation from Western Farm Center when the owners saw how sunburned I was from working outside with the animals in a recent major rescue effort. Our "village" coming together makes it all worth it.

1999 - Betsy purchases a "sound" horse for her daughter out of the newspaper, and discovers the animal has been horribly abused.

Betsy connects with North Bay Horse Rescue and Welfare about similar cases, and ends up as the group's Vice President.

Seeing the incredible need for animal rescue, Betsy leases 20 acres across the street from her Sonoma County home for $1 year, and creates a sanctuary.

2004 - Betsy finds a lovely property on a quiet country lane with a house, 4 acres and a 1947 barn, and LHSHR has a forever home.

Foundation History

Phil Laverty
An exceptionally talented, kind farrier who treats all our horses with respect.

ask us for help

Sometimes well-meaning owners simply cannot care for their pets. Please, call us and let us help with placement, vets and financial assistance.