Anna's feral Son is JULIO. He has now been turned out into my herd to love being a horse. He will always be wild. He is 19 years old, and I can't change his history, so am happy to just let him live!

JUNE 22, 2016

This is ROSE the cow. She is Mama of a 3 month old calf, and had a horrible infection in her foot, unable to walk. I trailered her to the hospital ( I wish all horses got in as easy) and she was put on a surgery table. Easy Breezy for the Doc to fix the problem. Boom, Bang, Boom we are back in the trailer and home to the baby, who was waiting for us at the gate.    So sweet.

MAY 24, 2016

My beloved ANNA passed away about a week ago in my arms. I came home from work, noticed she was stand-offish in the front pasture. When I walked out, she called to me. I got to her and realized something was just not right.  She was waiting for me. Within 10 minutes she went down. I called the emergency vet and we assisted her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  She had just turned 35 years old. Lots of love, acupuncture, goodies and play time. She knew she was loved at the end. This one hit me hard.


Now the good news. Mr. CASINO has come a long way. He was such a mess when he came in, skinny, lost hair, mud fever and sickly. Now he is happy and healthy. He has all his new herd friends and has put on a lot of weight. His skin cleared up and his hair grew back. He has turned into a beautiful, loving, sweet horse!